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Technophobia may be the irrational fear of technology. There are individuals who swear they can't understand technology or they "dislike" it but it is really about being scared of technology. There are stress management strategies however that can help those who have this irrational fear, and no that doesn't mean being kept in a closet with Bill Gates along with a window called, Vista.

Technology Information

A technophobe will not admit that they are frightened of getting through a mouse button, instead, this type of individual will most likely dismiss the worry and announce something similar to: "I just am not the techie type".

Important even more painful for that technophobe is they are confronted with technology every day. People everywhere carry cell phones; lap top computers; Iphones and Ipods. Even children are now expected to know how to download games to their PSPs. E-books really are a trend and big book encyclopedia collections that used to fill a whole bookshelf are OUT.

There are ways however to teach a technophobe NOT to freak out. Stress management techniques such as exposing the technophobe towards the ease of technology may go. For example, if the technophobe loves music, begin with giving them a music player loaded with their favorite songs. Baby steps will work to fight the stress suffered by one that goes into a nervy mode caused by "too much technology". Thus, don't expose the technophobe to heavy hands-on excel or word document materials immediately. Instead, have them watch a calming relaxing YOU TUBE video or possibly ask Steve Jobs to give them a back rub.

Speak with the technophobe with honesty and patience about their problem. Explain that life today means having to believe that there will always be technology. Use humor and logic - inquire like: "Do you still believe that an hourglass is safer than the usual wrist watch?". Remind the technophobe that they are no more living in the medieval ages. Bear in mind, that there is a difference between humor and sarcasm, even though you show up for lunch at their house dressed as King Arthur or Maid Marianne.

Most of those afraid of technology will learn to battle their fears by rational thinking. Remind them that after the first man first discovered fire, he probably panicked wondering what it was. But later he found that his fears were unfounded and that it had been a service to his community (and then towards the people) to have discovered fire. Just as long as he wasn't a pyromanic. Make sure to keep the tone always light, sensible and humorous and soon the technophobe will learn to understand that their fears about technology are baseless. And you can address them as Mr. Edison.

Sure it might be difficult helping a technophobe in the beginning. They're types who have a penchant for resisting change so expect them to initially resist all of your arguments, however logical they might seem.

Technology Information

Humor and logic help the technophobe more than forcing them to hold a computer mouse. Stress reduction techniques like creative visualization are also effective. Tell your technophobe friend to shut their eyes as it were and suppose all is alright with the world because they see themselves making millions in their new online business! After which quietly tip-toe out of their and spend a good 2 hours surfing on your own, because by now all the stress that you simply got these to reduce is now all on you!


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